Monday, March 24, 2014


Speaking of Hastening the work, I will finally tell you about my iPad. 
We use it for studying and teaching.
The gospel library app is amazing. I can study anything! 
Also I can get it in any language! Super helpful. We love using videos too, sometimes. 
We also have this area book app that is a new place to put our teaching records and stuff.
We actually don't report stats anymore because the app calculates it and sends it for us! It's pretty cool. 
We can take pictures and videos. We email.

We are going to be teaching in Portuguese today! We are taking Roselly, our Peruvian sister with us and we are teaching straight out of the Introduction in the Book of Mormon. It will have to be the spirit that carries the message into their hearts since we don't actually know Portuguese! 
Crazy right? Well, here we go!

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