Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Temple and TV

This week was awesome! We had a Temple P-day (preparation day). Nearly everyone in the mission gets to attend the temple together with President and Sister Budge. It was great. I loved seeing everyone! We went to the park across from the temple as well. 
Tokyo Temple

Molinari shimai and Orton shimai at Tokyo Temple entrance
This week was very busy. We did a lot of traveling and a lot of teaching. 
Oh, and we are on TV!
They are running a commercial for Eikaiwa (English class) and my companion and I are the poster children. 

Our Bishop gave a talk at a baptism this week. He talked about how just because you are baptized, that doesn't mean you won't have problems ever again. It means that you now have brothers and sisters within the church to help and support you as well as the gospel to help and support you. That is very true.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This week has been exhausting. I fell asleep during lunch one day.

There are 4 sisters in our apartment. My awesome companion and I were originally assigned here and another companionship ended up here unexpectedly.
The other companionship is comprised of 2 sisters from my first district at the MTC! It is great to be with them again.
Here is a photo of me giving one of them a trim:
Orton shimai trimming the hair of Requiem shimai

Oh, exciting news: I am sending my emails this week on my new iPad! Just in time for my birthday! Happy Birthday to me...next week! I'll have to write later about how this new tool helps us in our missionary work.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So far we have no one to teach in this area, but here is a story of one finding experience we had this week:
Once upon a time we were walking toward the train station. We were headed to one of the numerous apartment complexes and we decided to clime the stairs as we "Ping Pong"ed (rang the door bell) at each home. About half didn't answer. The other half listened to the name of our church and said "Kekkodesu" (no thank you). We were on the 3rd floor with about 7 more to go. We did the same thing as all the others, but at this special door the woman on the other side of the intercom box said "Oh just a moment"!! (in Japanese, of course). We were so excited to share a message. She must be a prepared soul. She opens the door and explains that she is a member of the Oyumino ward!!! What a surprise!! We had not met this family yet, but what a way to greet them. We talked with her a little and she invited us in. Their 2 little children where playing. We talked with them for a little and then they asked if we wanted to return in about an hour and have dinner with them. It was wonderful. We got to share a message about how Jesus Christ blesses the children in 3rd Nephi. I got to feel the Holy Ghost bare witness of the simple truth of our relationship with God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that we are Children of God and we need to be like little Children. They are given to us as examples.
I love this work. I love the special spirit I feel when I enter the home of a member. I want to work to have my home be a heaven on earth.
We will be working on our finding skills this week and hopefully we will find some people who want to hear our message!