Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sato sensei!

So many miracles this week! But I will tell you the biggest one.
I got to go to church with Sato Sensei who was my brother's elementary
school teacher when we loved in Japan before! I wrote about her a little in my blog around Christmas time last year.
In the last few weeks I kept finding myself thinking about her and
feeling like I needed to contact her again. 
Well, the Senzokuike sisters called during the week and said that she had come to church
out of the blue! We set an appointment for the sisters to call me with
Sato Sensei when she comes to church again on Sunday. I was able to
talk to her before church and it was amazing! She had gone to church with Nagayasu shimai. 
It was so kind of Nagayasu shimai to go to church with her. The member had since been
transferred to a different school so they are not even working
together anymore. How nice of her to go the extra mile.
The most surprising part of this whole experience was that after that
phone call my companion and I went down to participate in Relief
Society (our ward does RS, SS, then sacrament). I said the closing
prayer and looked up and Sato Sensei was sitting there! Crazy! What
was she doing here? Nagayasu shimai had taken it even a step farther!
She invited Sato Sensei to slip out of church in Senzokuike and they
got on a train headed to Shibuya. They had a arrived and sneaked
into the back of the RS room! What? It was amazing to see her. She had
not changed at all. You know that friend that you can just pick up
where you left off? That was what it was like. We were hugging and
crying and telling the members around us our story! She bore testimony
that she had been guided by the Spirit and that what we had was an
eternal friendship! 
She stayed for the rest of church and then we got to go to the church
potluck. It was such an amazing experience. We got to talk about
everything that happened in both of our lives since we had moved back
to America. She told me that the next step for her was to come to
church every week. She's worried about her parents who are against her
joining a religion, but she knows that when the time comes she will be
baptized. We both felt like we will see each other again and that one
day she will be baptized!
We owe so much to Nagayasu shimai, the member who stayed true
to her covenants and kept the word of wisdom. I know that she was used
by God to bring about this great and marvelous work!
Orton shimai, Nagayasu shimari, Sato sensei, Palmer shimai

Friday, August 15, 2014


Since our new place is so spacious, 
it is now housing 6 Sister Missionaries. 
It is a great group!
For P-day we all went to Yoyogi Park (Tokyo) and found these really cool murals. 
They are like graffiti, but I am pretty sure they are supposed to be there. We took some fun photos. 
Shibuya Sisters
Here is one of just 4 of us, in Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan!
We are having the time of our lives serving here. 
I am so grateful for the opportunity!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I was in a little bike accident.
I am fine (just bruised a little), but my favorite pair of shoes were totalled.
I learned what road rash is. 
So what happened was.....
We were on the road like a car.
The light was turning as my companion went so I tried to make it too. 
But my foot got caught on the road under my pedal (I pointed my toe or something when I pedaled
down) and I was moving so fast.... 
The skin on my feet and my shoes were scraped along the road. 
I almost fell into traffic as I tried to slow down fast. But I didn't. 
Actually the worst part was that because my brakes screech all the time and I frequently don't make lights that my companion does (I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I don't have the best bike in the mission), she didn't even notice. 
I was so full of adrenaline and embarrassment that I immediately felt sick to my stomach. 
We made it to the temple annex (church building beside the Tokyo Temple) where my companion bought me a juice from the vending machine and made me 'walk it off'.
It's sad but my very convenient flats are trash. 
But, angels protected me, so I am not complaining!
Life is good and I am so grateful to be on a mission (not to mention, alive) at this time!