Sunday, June 22, 2014

The big move!

Saturday we moved into a new place. It is a proper house and is apparently the most expensive missionary living quarters in the world (still in Shibuya). It really is a palace. A far cry from the small, old apartment we just moved out of.
So Saturday we had no time to dendo (missionary work) because of the move. But we did have to go out to eat. The office elders were over taking care of our refrigerators (swapping the old one out and getting new one, yay) and setting up the security system, so we were told to go eat. Probably to get us out of the way and also because they did not want grouchy and hungry sisters on their hands. So we went to Denny's. We ordered our food and my companion, true to sister Palmer form, joked a little and got everyone laughing...including the waiter. He was learning English. Getting him to laugh was actually a feat. (If you work in customer service in Japan you are expected to act like a robot - no personable conversations). So after the ice was broken he asked us if we were Christian! We said of course and then he lowered his voice and said he was too!! I was so proud of him for standing up for Jesus Christ! That just doesn't happen. So we called him back because we needed to give him a flier at least, but we pretended that we just wanted dessert. Well, he started bussing our table and we were all concerned because he didn't have a free hand to take the flyer. No need to worry though, Sister Haderlie had committed to give it to him and so she did... she reached over and slipped it into his shirt pocket. So funny. He didn't know quite what to do. But later we saw him put it in his bag. We were so happy!
Hope he comes to church!

I love being able to serve here in Japan. 
I love sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone I meet here.
I love the Book of Mormon! It carries a special message tailored for each of God's children!
Sister Orton

Monday, June 2, 2014

Chicken Pox and baptisms!

Poor Sister Combs has had the Chicken Pox. It is really bad. Because of that we have been functioning as a 4 person companionship which has actually been great.
Some wonderful friends brought us dinner!
President and Sister Welch (my former Stake President)
Hadderly shimai, me and Liana Otsuji (a friend from when my family lived in Yokohama)
We had a double baptism of a mother and daughter that Sister Hadderly and Sister Combs had been teaching. It was just beautiful.
There is nothing better than seeing people accept the gospel in their lives.