Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Following up!

So this week I went on splits to Mito which is an area my Dad served in during his mission.
I got to teach an investigator of his! It was amazing!
We met up with a member who remembered my dad and showed me pictures.
I got to see my dad on his mission here! 
My dad is the non-Japanese Elder in these photos (1986)
Then we went to the address of Muto-san. My dad had taught her on his mission and I had met her while I was young. We rang the bell and I explained that I was a missionary for the church. 
She came out and I said that my father had been here too...
She said "What? Orton?" Yes! "Emily?" Yes that's me!
It was so wonderful! 
She was so happy to let us in. Super super surprised! 
We went through the pictures from home that I brought on my mission and 
she remembered my father really well. 
Then in the back of the book was 
a picture of her and I when my 
Dad took us to see her when I was 
little (1 1/2). 
Muto-san and Emi-chan
Then we took another photo together (20 years later)!
Muto-san and Orton shimai
This was such a miracle. She explained that if we had been just one week off she
would have been on vacation. I am so glad we got to see each other again!
The gospel makes the world very small.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I went to Matsuri (festival)!! 
We got to see Omikoshi.
The Japanese (Shinto) version of the Ark of the Covenant. 
They think of it as a portable God's house. 
They carry it around on their shoulders and only certain men can carry it. Interesting.
Every religion has truth and good. 
It is wonderful to get to experience Japanese culture and religion. It really helps me see the connection.

Last week we got to visit the Big Buddha
Orton shimai on right
Ushiku Daibutsu
This is apparently the tallest statue in the world. It is 330 feet from its pedestal and lotus platform (which add another 66 feet to its height). It is made of bronze and weighs 4,000 tons. 
Inside is a room full of small gold Buddhas. If you donate a lot of money you can get one with your name on it....the great thing is that they will put your family history in it!!!
Combs shimai, Kinghorn shimai and Orton shimai

Monday, September 1, 2014


Goodbye Shibuya.
I will miss all my dear friends so much. There are so many wonderful friends I have met here.
Time to move on to.....
Ibaraki-ken no Tsukuba!
(Tsukuba city in the prefecture of Ibaraki)
As you can see. The area is a little different than downtown Tokyo. 
I am loving it here already.
My new companion is Kinghorn shimai. She is great!