Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oyumino...6 more weeks!

So, transfer calls came and.....Sister Molinari and I get to stay in Oyumino for another 6 weeks! We are very happy to serve another transfer together! This will be a great transfer and we just know we will be very productive.
The other sisters that were in our apartment were transfered, so the apartment seems bigger now.
The TV commercial is working. We had a LOT of people at Eikaiwa (English class) this week. Lots of people brought their children so we were able to have a kids class also. FUN!
We now have a lot of people to teach. Our favorites are the little Obachans (grandmas) that we meet in the park.
Here is a photo of Shibuya. It isn't our area. It is a downtown area in Tokyo that we visited during our last temple P-day. I remember being there many times with my family when I was younger.
Once for a Stake Youth Activity we all spent the evening street contacting in Shibuya. It was exciting missionary work! 
How grateful I am that I was called back to this great land of Japan to share the gospel with whoever will listen to me! 
I love this church. 
The gospel is true!

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