Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Animals and Food

Last week we had our second and third kids Eikaiwa (English) classes. It was awesome! 
We taught about ANIMALS. We asked them all to introduce themselves and tell us their favorite animals. I was surprised when I asked, "what is your favorite animal", and one boy said, in English, "no". Turns out two boys were too cool for that and so they didn't have favorites. 
We also taught FOOD. Really fun. We sang "popcorn popping" and made our own place mats for both Japanese food and American food. Again I was surprised by how unoppinionated Japanese people are. It took some kids way too long to tell us what their favorite food was.
Actually there was this little boy who has been coming with his older brothers and mother who is so cute! (About 3). He is just a bouncy little boy who loves to come up to the board and run around the room. I made the mistake of saying that we were done and class was over and he bursted into tears!! He didn't want to go home. So real quick we started a game of tick-tack-toe (they thought the name was so funny. It is called circles and Xes in Japanese) So he calmed right down and started to play. After that we let him erase the board and he was good to go!

We decided to house (knock on doors) today after trying to visit an investigator. She wasn't home, so we just walked and walked down the road. It was weird, but we ended up finding the best little neighborhood. It was the best because the people there would come to the door when we rang. Most people just use their little intercom to say kekko (no thank you). That why missionaries call it the kekko box. So we made a great impression on 4 people. And then the last door of the day was a totally prepared mother of 5 who has recently been feeling like she needed to learn about Christianity!!! We have an appointment with her for tomorrow at 4:00! 
Things are moving forward and I am so thankful to be a part of it!

I love you. I love this work. I love.

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