Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I love to see the temple!

We went to the Temple today. Beautiful as ever. I loved it. 
Reyes shimai and Orton shimai in front of the Tokyo temple
It was our mission's Sister Temple day so basically all the sisters from our mission were there. I loved seeing all my old companions and friends!
Sisters serving in the Japan Tokyo Mission
Last Saturday and Sunday we experienced General Conference (one week late due to the time different issues).
We were watching it at a church building (beautiful, big church building pictured below) and a sister from another Ward asked me in the bathroom, "Are you a missionary?" 
Yes, but my hair was hiding my tag. 
She said "You were hiding it." 
After I sat back down I thought about that and realized two things:
- She could tell I was a missionary without my badge.
- I let personal things get in the way of Jesus Christ name showing through.
Thought provoking.
Reyes shimai and Orton shimai

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