Tuesday, May 13, 2014

earthquakes and other crazy things!

We have had 2 fairly strong earthquakes in the past week. Our whole mission is working on Emergency Preparedness. D&C 38:30

During the 2nd earthquake I was in the temple. That was an interesting experience. I wasn't scared at all, I felt very protected, but I half expected to find buildings crumbled when I exited the temple. Thankfully, there was no visible damage.

I just found out (after living here for several weeks) that our apartment has an oven! Who knew?! We have made scones and cookies. A pie is in the works! It is so fun to share our talents (especially when they produce yummy treats) with others to help them feel our love and the love of the Savior!

I have run in to several old friends on the streets of Tokyo! It is so fun to see old and dear friends that knew me when I was growing up! Little did we all know that I would be back as a full time sister missionary! It is always such a wonderful surprise when I see one of them (and sometimes I get a big hug)!

I got a fish pedicure! I have wanted one since seeing a video of my BYU roommate Marina getting one in Thailand. It tickled!

We are busily teaching people who want to learn about Jesus Christ and how the gospel can bless their lives. It is so wonderful to see lives change for the better and see our brothers and sisters become happier as they receive the light of the gospel in their lives.

Missions are the best!!!


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