Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

(the year of the HORSE)

New Year's Eve day was spent deep cleaning our apartment! I loved it! It was great to not have to wear a skirt all day! A wonderful family had all the missionaries in Niigata over for dinner and it really felt like New Year's Eve! We were going to play games, but we ran out of time.
New Year's Day was Book of Mormon day in our mission. We stayed inside the whole day and did nothing but read! I loved it!! I wish I could do that to begin each new year! ... Maybe I can!
I decided my goal this year is to have a prayer in my heart, or in other words, to do everything prayerfully. 
Another goal is to write in my journal everyday. I have been good at that so far. : )
Orton shimai and Sister shimai teaching a lesson
I have been thinking about obedience lately. I am not perfect, but I see that if there is some small thing that I can change in my behavior in order to come closer to God, or to please God, then I will gladly give it up to Him. At least that is the attitude I want to always have. Obedience is so important!

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