Friday, January 31, 2014

Goodbye Niigata, Hello Chiba!

So, transfer calls came....and I am sad to be leaving Niigata. It is such a wonderful place with such wonderful people. But I am excited that I am going to Chiba, Oyumino! 
I am training a new missionary again! And we are opening the area for sisters! (There are 3 Elders there right now.) Which means we get a new apartment and everything. I am going to get really good at finding because we wont be starting with anyone to teach! I am so excited!! 
I love this whole transfer experience. It is awesome. 
Orton shimai with Molinari shimai and Budge shimai (Mission President's wife)
My new missionary, Sister Molinari, is amazing! She is from Upstate New York. 
We have a lot in common.
We are in Chiba near Disney Land and Disney Sea.
This place is chocked full of families with cute little kids! We are going to love it here!

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