Monday, March 2, 2015


My hand bandaged by the policeman.
It is even waterproof!
I was in a bike accident yesterday. 
I am totally fine. 
We were riding on the road and it was dark and very rainy. Actually only moments before I had told Sister Smith that I liked riding in the rain. It is fun and it makes me think that I am a real missionary. Just then I actually fell into traffic and all I could think as my wheels came out from under me, was "put hands out and tuck in head". 
I didn't hit my head more than a bump on my left cheek (not even a bruise and I immediately started calling backwards toward the sidewalk. 
My companion who was behind me saved my life. She stopped her bike between me and the cars so that they would go around us. If she hadn't done that I don't know if they would have seen me because I was laying on the ground. 
Wow. It was a miracle. I only have a few bruises on my legs and my left hand was scratched. 
A nice policeman biked by us right after and took us to the station down the block where they bandaged my hand. 
I know from the bandage above, you would think my wound was major, but here it is in all its glory!

I think I will live!

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