Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Good Ol' Days

It is so fun seeing old friends. The other day a dear friend showed me this old photo. Every year while my family lived in Japan we would have an 'Easter Party' for friends with little kids. I was the oldest, so I would take the plastic Easter Eggs to the local park and hide them for everyone to come hunt. Those were the days! Now all the kids in the photo are 16-18 years old!
Isaac, Joey, Lisa, Miki, Chloe

Missionary work is hard and I have to work hard to not get discouraged, but the rewards are so worth it. It is so wonderful to see the gospel bring peace and joy into the lives of those we care about.
I know that God cares and answers prayer and that the Book of Mormon specifically answers the questions of the soul.
We are so blessed!

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