Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween and P-day!

So Halloween is always a fun time for missionaries to bring some childhood fun to Japan!
We put on a big event with food, games, costumes and friends!
Orton shimai and Reyes shimai
a cute little Totoro
We had a Zone P-day today. It was transfer calls so we got together to have pancakes and hear our transfer calls together. 
Reyes shimai and I are staying where we are. I am so happy!! We work really well together and get along great and we are happy to stay here together for another 6 weeks!
The Nato (fermented soybeans) challenge at Zone P-day
Reyes shimai is only smiling because she hasn't tasted the Nato yet!
Here is a thought: If you haven't ever put Moroni's challenge to the test (or it has been a while), try it!
In the Book of Mormon read Moroni 10:3-5 (page 529) and put it to the test!
Good things are to come!
Orton shimai

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