Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We just watched the First Presidency Christmas devotional yesterday! So good. I loved it. 
The members here are treating us so kind. They are the best!
The members filled a big box for each set of missionaries.
Tortilla chips and salsa from Costco and all kinds of wonderful things!
We had a special event at the church with music. It was nice. 

The branch members and missionaries sang at a nursing home.
Something great that President Budge introduced to us is a consecration box. It can help us put away things that we don't need on the mission. I started it on paper, but I kind of want to make one physically so I can put things down on paper and in the box and not see them again. Really give up my distractions. It is a great way to think about repentance. It could be adapted to many different circumstances, not just missions.
I love my mission. I cant say I love every minute of it, but I love being a missionary. I was born for this. I love this tag I get to wear over my heart! 
A special happy birthday to my dear sister Chloe on the 19th!
Gambatte imasu!
Orton Shimai
Kamito tomoni ne!

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